Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's a big world after all...

Adrian and I had a big outing today: A trip to Babies 'R' Us and Target. Sad really. For me in my isolated little universe, this was exciting.

It was also a little depressing in other respects. I used to be such an efficient shopper. Get in, get the stuff on the list, get out. No dilly-dally. No impulse items (not usually). Walk straight ahead with your head up and do not make eye contact with the merchandise.

Now, I walk into a discount superstore and my pupils constrict, my mind goes blank, and all I can hear is blood rushing through my ears. Oooh, shiny...

I walk out with more worthless crap than I intended. Even more unfortunate is the fact that when I get home and realize that something I bought—a shirt for instance—does not fit, I look forward to the impending trip during which I will return said worthless crap... so I can buy more worthless crap.

Maybe a little social time is in order. We have an outing planned on Sunday—a birthday party for our friends' 2-year-old daughter. The festivities will be in the early evening. This should get me some much-needed human contact. However, my daughter's favorite pastime these days between the hours of 4 and 9 p.m. is marathon nursing. So I expect to spend most of the time sitting with my shirt hitched up, performing my best impression of a cow. Fun stuff.

I'm itching to get out for my walk today, but there's a steady rain falling outside. I know. What a pussy. Why not go for a walk in the rain? I guess it's more comfortable to stay at home, nurse my baby, and spare my husband the misery of trying to appease a creature that wants nothing but The Boob.



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