Friday, August 03, 2007

All's quiet and going well

The time since Adrian's hernia repair has flown by. The surgery went very well. She actually had hernias on both sides of her abdomen, leaving her with two half-inch "stab wounds" near the point of each hip bone. They're healing nicely and she didn't show much discomfort at all in the days immediately after the surgery.

As soon as I as able to pry my mind away from my baby's health, I had to roll into getting the July/August issue of our magazine finished and off to the printer. We uploaded the files today, which is always a liberating feeling. Production actually went better than expected—primarily, though, because my dad (also our publisher, graphics guy, writer, etc.) did such a great job of taking my disorganized leads and running with them. He really did the bulk of the work on this issue. Just getting away to do my small part felt like such a struggle, but everyone is learning right now. My mom has been great in helping to take care of Adrian for a few hours a few times a week. I have found that getting out of the house and away from the responsibility of caring for her is incredibly important for me. Sometimes I just feel like I'm going out of my skin sitting around the house. A couple hours away and I feel entirely renewed. Adrian came along to the office a couple days this week, too, and did great. So, like I said: We're all learning and adjusting to this new life.

Running is going great, as well. I'm really surprised at how quickly my body has returned in six weeks. I don't feel too far behind the level of fitness that I had at this time last year. I did hit a point where I started losing motivation a couple weeks ago. But getting out for a couple trail runs has helped with the morale. I feel so much more complete and satisfied after running on a trail—both mentally and physically.

Wednesday morning, Tiffany and I went out to Wyandotte County Park Lake to run the 10k Night Run course. We were planning to turn around after running about 35 minutes, but just before that deadline approached I noticed that we were at the "Wyandotte Triangle", the turnaround for the 10k course. So we ran the meandering switchbacks of the Triangle and then headed back, and finished the course in a little over 1 hour, 25 minutes. That was with a pretty conservative, relaxed pace, too, so I think it should be fairly easy to finish a little quicker next Friday. Maybe I won't be coming in after everyone packs up and goes home, after all.

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