Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Adrian's Happy Halloween

"Today, my mommy and I
are going to tell you how to enjoy
the thirty-first day of October..."

"Eat candy."

"Lots ... and lots ...
of mouth-watering, delicious candy."

"I highly advise eating candy from a bowl
that is at least six times larger
than the size of your head.
But keep in mind one important thing..."

"Do not SHARE your candy!
Especially with
greedy gray CATS!!"

"Candy is only for babies.
Not cats.
That is important to remember."

"There is no joy greater
than eating candy from
a giant, shiny bowl."

"Well, okay.
Flying with mommy
might be more fun
than eating candy
from a giant, shiny bowl."

"And hanging out with dad
and the pumpkins
on the front porch
is a pretty cool way
to spend your time, too."

"Pumpkins can make pretty good companions.
Except sometimes they talk more than me.
And they actually look kinda stupid.
You know, I don't think I really like pumpkins that much."

"Oooh. Pretty light.
Never mind.
I like pumpkins."

Pumpkins are alright."

"So, after you've eaten your candy,
kept it away from the CATS,
flown with mom,
hung out on the porch with dad,
and talked to the pumpkins,
it's time to reflect on the day
and just enjoy the moment."

"And this, I believe,
is the best way to spend
the thirty-first of October."

Happy Halloween!

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