Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Inevitable distractions

I am now 5 runs deep into my "training". I know I'm not running enough, but it's tough to get out the door. Adrian has been what most would describe as a fussy baby... and her fussiness tends to peak between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. (or whenever she goes to sleep, usually between 8:00 and 10:00). Rick's usually only available to watch her after 5 p.m. — which means I have to walk out the door knowing that he's going to be screamed at for the duration of my run. I'm not worried about her; I know I'm leaving her in capable hands. And he's a great and patient daddy. But I hate leaving him with that frustration, especially when it's so much easier for me to just stick a boob in her mouth and keep things quiet and calm.

And now it's even harder to leave. Monday afternoon, Adrian suddenly started full-on screaming. Not her normal fussy cries, but red-faced, eyes-wide-open, panicked-expression screaming. I had just changed her diaper when this started, so I offered her a snack (she refused) and then I retraced my steps back to the diaper. When I took the diaper off I noticed a lump about the size of my thumb on the right side of her pubic bone. The entire area from her groin to the spot where the lump sat was purple-red, and her screaming intensified any time I got near it.

A couple hours later, when the pediatrician could finally see us, the lump had receded... But he confirmed my suspicion that she "likely" has a inguinal hernia. We're seeing a surgeon tomorrow morning. In the mean time, I'm peeling off her diaper and looking for the lump any time she looks at me cross-eyed and wondering if her fussiness these last seven weeks were all because of the hernia.

But there are benefits to having a trainer for a husband. Yesterday he pushed me out the door: "Go run before she starts crying and you don't want to leave. She's fine. You're in training now."

It was a good run. I only covered 2.4 miles, but ran the first mile without walking. It was the first run where I deviated completely from my 2-minute run/walk intervals. I am, of course, abysmally slow. But I know I'm getting stronger. My husband even told me my legs are "looking good" yesterday. I guess that's progress...

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