Sunday, July 01, 2007

On the road again

This morning—after getting the go-ahead to "resume my regular life" from the doctor at my six-week postpartum checkup on Friday—I went for a run. It was fantastic. The sky was overcast, the air was cool and dry, and the neighborhoods were quiet. I really had no idea how it would feel to run. About a week and a half ago I tried running for a few hundred yards during one of my long walks around town, and it felt downright awkward—I noticed every one of the 10 pounds of fat and flesh that are looming around my stomach and hips right now. But Sunday, it really wasn't too bad. Those extra 10 pounds are still there, but I was able to settle into a rhythm fairly quickly.

I didn't go crazy on this first run. I just did 2-minute run / 2-minute walk intervals over about 2.4 miles. Toward the end my legs were getting a little heavy, but I didn't get very winded.

Later in the day, I could feel the run in my upper abdominals more than anywhere else. It's going to take a while to get those core muscles back. But, like my wise husband/trainer told me, this will be a crawl-walk-run process.

I was just happy to be out and moving a little faster than a walk!

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