Monday, July 02, 2007

Childbirth and Running

This evening Adrian got to spend some quality, one-on-one time with her daddy... which meant I got to go for a run. The temperature was about 15 degrees warmer than my run yesterday, and I could certainly tell the difference. Of course, I was feeling yesterday's run a little, too. The roads through the neighborhoods were busier, with people driving as if they have the weekend on their minds. It's a good time of year, though, in these days before the 4th of July. It's nice to see families sitting together in their driveways, little kids setting off snakes and smoke bombs. I was surprised to discover that the laughter of a child stirs some sort of warm-fuzzy emotion for me now.

I did the 2-minute run/walk intervals again, and was very happy to have the 2-minute walk breaks. On a couple hills (minor inclines, really), my running pace slowed to a crawl. I'd catch myself thinking, "Go ahead, walk. Then, walk a couple extra minutes while you're at it." But it's important to me that I do everything I can to silence that kind of negative inner dialogue. A few months ago, as I was preparing myself mentally for giving birth, I resolved to bring the lessons I had learned while distance running (and while watching my husband, Rick, tough it out through 100-mile races) into my labor experience: to understand that pain is inevitable, but it's not something to fear, and no matter how tough it gets, there's always a way to take just one more step... and then another step... and so on, until the job is done.

After I successfully made it through an unmedicated labor and delivery, I made another resolution: To bring the lessons I learned during childbirth into my running experience. And there, the number-one point I garnered was to avoid over-thinking the discomfort.

So, today's baby step in the crawl-walk-run process: 2.9 miles in 34:25.

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